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A state of wellness occurs when one reaches optimal health in mind, body and soul. Transform your health with mind and body connections.

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I am here to be your journey guide

How do I do this? I work alongside of you to teach you what gaps are missing in your complete wellness journey. Together you and I can work through all the dimensions of wellness that are the foundations of who you are. 


Functional Medicine Practitioner

I feel as though we are connected on a very deep level, and that you and I are meant to work together. I know that you are busy, successful and very driven. You often spend time taking care of everyone around you and find that you are wanting now to take care of you. Every day you take steps towards becoming the best version of yourself. You feel as though you have taken yourself as far as you can go, and now you are needing a guide to help you complete your journey to wellness. 

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Health Information

Your journey to health and wellness should include receiving up-to-date information on the latest research and evidence with regards to health and wellness. In the past you have experienced frustrations with all the contradictory information that is out there, not knowing which way is the "right way".  With your busy schedule, you need one spot to go where you can get new information, that helps show you the way. Click below to see our recent blogs or webinars:

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Functional Medicine, IFMCP

On my own journey to health and wellness, I have discovered Functional Medicine. Instead of just treating the symptoms of illness, Functional Medicine uses a systematic approach to uncover the root causes of what is making us ill. Treating such things as brain fog, inability to lose weight, low energy, low mood, and chronic pain. FM works on improving our nutrition and hydration, stress and relaxation, movement and strength, and so much more. Click below to learn more. 

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