Hi, I'm so happy you are here...  

I would love to tell you about me, and hope that someday soon, you will tell me all about you.

For over 27 years I worked as a registered nurse in Emergency Medicine. From caring for patients at the bedside, to leading teams as a Director of nursing. Alongside of this, I built a wellness business, helping clients just like you reach a state of optimal wellness. Transforming physical and mental health, while boosting energy and productivity.  As a certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (IFMCP) I now work with clients daily to reach their goals for optimal health and wellness. 


This is where I come in with you.


I am here to be your journey guide.

I am here to work alongside of you to teach you what gaps are missing in your complete wellness journey. Together you and I can work through all the dimensions of wellness that are the foundations of who you are. I am also going to be your thought therapist, as often times, it is your mindset and the way that you are thinking about things that is holding you back.

Want to know more about me? Here are some tibits and random facts...

LARGE FAMILY I am the second oldest of 8 children.

DUAL CITIZEN  I grew up in Calgary, Canada but moved to the US when I was 20. I have dual citizenship (Canadian and American).

FAMILY  My family is my core. Married to Jason who is a Battalion Chief with CRFD. Two daughters Kylee and Kimberlee. Dogs – Sammy & Bailey. Cat – Leo

TRAVEL  I love to travel the world, experiencing the culture in every place we go.

SNOW & SAND Someday I will have a mountain house and a beach house… as I love both destinations and could never be able to choose one location between the two of them.

PEOPLE   People are my passion. I love to find the hidden talents and passions of people, and help them to reach their highest potentials possible.

Professional Bio

Fera Kristine is a sought after speaker, teacher, trainer and coach. As a healthcare consultant and certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Fera Kristine has helped numerous individuals discover their full potential by walking alongside of them through their health and wellness journey.

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