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Bodies are Works of Art

body Sep 11, 2019

My body is a miraculous work of art, capable of unlimited potential. I’m always amazed how I can exercise and train in one genre of fitness, but then when another area is attempted, I lack the strength and ability needed. For example, I have trained for and completed 13 marathons (8 half and 5 full) and felt strong and capable with running. Recently I attempted a 5k mud run that included obstacles throughout the course. After slogging through ponds, climbing up mud hills, climbing up and over rope walls, and belly-crawling under covers, I was shocked to realize I had only reached mile 1. It felt as though the race should have been over at that point! I felt very out of shape and under-trained.

How often have you noticed similar things happening in your “regular” life? You become proficient in one activity or endeavor, only to discover that you are again the “newbie” in a new activity. Is there ever a point that we become ‘the expert of all’? My guess is the answer is no, but I think I’m okay with that. Life is much more interesting when we are able to learn and discover new skills. To train and work towards new goals and accomplishments.

Right now my favorite body growth activity is HIIT workouts. High Intensity Interval Training – brief short bouts of burst exercises, followed by short recovery periods. Often I don’t have time in my busy day to spend an hour or more working out. I feel a sense of great accomplishment if I’m even able to squeeze in 30 minutes. What I like best about the HIIT workouts is they are quick, focused, and to the point (my type of action!). When you finish the workout, you feel like you have done something, even though it is a quick session.

Every day I look forward to finding new ways to build, grow and strengthen my body. Life seems to travel through different seasons, and I am moving back in to a season of strength and development. I am super excited to share my fitness journey with you, and hope that I can inspire and motivate you to join in. Even 20 minutes of quick exercise a day can make a huge difference, not just for how your body looks, but for also for your energy levels and how you feel. We will work together and get you to a place where you want to exercise because you love your body and how it responds. Unlimited miraculous potential lies within.



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