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Mind Body Connection

mind Sep 05, 2019

Crouching low in the tall grass, breathing barely above a light whisper, I wait. Dark orange and black slinks into view. Tiger is approaching. Heart racing, palms sweating, vision narrowing. It's time. 

Did you know that there is a direct link between your mind and the health of your body. The fight-or-flight stress response your body is programmed with to help you run from danger, or fight to survive, impacts your overall health and well-being on a daily basis. When under stress, your mind tells the body to produce hormones to help it deal with the threat that is approaching. Your heartrate and blood pressure will elevate, your muscles will tense, acids in your stomach will kick into overdrive. Your body will stay in this fight mode, until you tell it that all is well, and you can relax and return to a normal and calm state.

When the body has short bursts of the fight mode, it can adjust and accommodate. However, when you remain in a heightened state for long periods of time, your body will start to react in a negative fashion. You may find yourself feeling moody, depressed, tense, or angry. You may experience headaches, muscle aches, chest discomfort, or belly pain. Your body is working to tell you that it needs your mind to shift into a state of calm and relaxation, so that it can move through it's recovery phases, preparing for the next battle it will need to take on. 

Taking time each day to incorporate relaxation strategies will help you on the road to recovery and optimal wellness. Listening to music, reading, moving, exercising, stretching, and sleeping well all assist the body to return to a state of balance. 

Assist your body and mind to work together on your journey to optimal wellness. Take a moment today to have some quiet relaxation. Even if its just for 5 minutes, calm your mind, and your body will follow. 




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